Are BetterDays pregnancy/nursing safe? 

Our products are all natural, but we will always recommend consulting with your physician first.

Are BetterDays products gluten free? Are BetterDays products safe for celiac?

BetterDays is gluten free and safe for celiac. The barley grass and wheat grass in our products are picked before sprouting and producing seeds

What is the caffeine source? 

BetterDays caffeine is naturally sourced from tea leaves

Are your products vegan? 

BetterGreens and BetterHormones are Vegan. However, BetterGlow contains Bovine Collagen, so it is not vegan.

Am I able to switch my subscription from caffeinated to non caffeinated each month & vice versa?  

For any help regarding subscriptions, please email support@betterdaysco.com & our support team would be happy to assist you

Can I order both caffeinated/ non caffeinated in the same 30 pack?  

Unfortunately, at this time it is not an option

Do you offer a sample pack of all of the flavors?  

We do not offer sample packs at this time. 

What is the Return Policy? 

You may return your complete order within 14 days after your order date for a full refund of the product purchase price. 

Can you clarify where the citric acid & natural flavors are derived from in your products? 

Citric acid is an anhydrous powder, meaning water content is removed and sourced from citrus. The natural flavors we use are derived from the actual fruit powders.  

Are BetterDays sugar free? How much stevia is in it? 

All BetterDays products are sugar free! They are sweetened with stevia & our organic fruit blend.

How many packets can I drink a day? 

An adult serving of BetterGreens is 2 sticks per day. For BetterGlow and BetterHormones we recommend 1-2 sticks per day.

Are ingredients tested?  

All ingredients arrive to our facility with COA (certificate of analysis) and testing for heavy metals.  Once ingredients are blended and completed the final product is also sent for 3rd party testing and receives its own new COA. 

Have nutritional claims been independently verified? 

All sup facts are issued and reviewed by a certified 3rd party.

Are they FDA approved? 

BetterDays products are not regulated by the FDA. They are produced by a cGMP certified facility regulated by the Utah Department of Agriculture.

Can I have more than one subscription on the same account? 

Yes, you can have multiple subscriptions at one time! They can also either renew on the same day or different dates.

Does BetterGreens have vitamins like athletic greens?  

BetterGreens does not have “added” vitamins and minerals. 

What does Arctic Pop taste like? 

Arctic Pop tastes like a red, white, & blue popsicle! One of our favorite, and most popular flavors!

Do you ship internationally? 

Yes! BetterDays currently ships to Canada, UK, Australia, & New Zealand!

What do you charge for shipping?

Shipping in the US is FREE! International shipping is a flat rate.

Is there a discount code? 

Yes! BD10 will get you 10% off

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